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    Hai everyone. I am N.Jeykumar currently working as a Software Engineer in Infosys Technoloies, Bangalore. I did my Computer Science Engineering in Dr.Mahalingam college of Engineering and Technology located in Pollachi. Working around computers right from my third standard, my life is more associated with computers. I used to say these words,

"If you say that the world is after computers,
I would say that computer is my world
And thats why I am after it."

    Lock me in a room with a computer inside and I will survive for more than a month. I am that much crazy about computers.

    My hobbies are listening to music and playing computer games. Quake 3 Arena and Age of Empires are my favorite and I especially like to frag human oppenents in multiplayer games. I also like to read English novels, mostly thrillers and science fictons. Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" seems the best to me of all the books I have read.

    Having so many friends to play with and so many relations to support me, I am looking for greater challenges in my life succeeding each and everyone of it with great pleasure and enjoyment.

    This website is a small attempt to express myself to a much wider audience. Do you have comments about the site and if you like to suggest any new sections please contact me. You can reach me any time through my email address

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